03 February 2017

Promotional T-Shirts – Who Said That Marketing Wasn’t Fashionable?

by Dave

Believe it or not, promotional t-shirts are one item that your business really cannot afford to do without. Not only are they functional and durable when worn, they’re worth several years of free advertising. They can be used for a variety of applications, from part of an employee uniform (great for the summer) to trade show giveaways or client appreciation gifts.

Employee Uniform

The success of any business begins with its employees – as such, you want them to be happy and well taken care of. T-shirts are actually useful for two things when it comes to your employees – firstly, they can be used as gifts of recognition (notably at team building events); secondly, they can be used as a part of a uniform to create a sense of belonging.

By making the t-shirt a part of the uniform, you are ensuring that anyone who comes into contact with your employees is exposed to your brand. And this is true even when the employee is not at work – they may stop for petrol on their way to the office, they might grab some takeaway for lunch or they might hit the shops after the office has closed for the day.

Trade Show Giveaways

It should come as no surprise that some of the largest businesses have figured out the power of promotional clothing. Trade shows offer a fantastic opportunity for getting your name out there, so don’t let patrons go home empty handed – give them a t-shirt and show them that you really want their business. This will provide you with mass exposure to people you may not otherwise engage.

When dealing with prospective clients, it’s important that you don’t make the promotional t-shirt too promotional – these people haven’t given you their custom yet and going too hard too early could in fact push them away. Don’t be afraid to include your logo or marketing message, just try to keep it a little smaller and less obvious that it’s branding.

Client Appreciation

Believe it or not, this is an important element of your promotional goals. Current clients enjoy being reminded of how much their custom and loyalty means to you – t-shirts are a great way to reach out and thank them for their past, present and continued support. This proactive approach of extending a gift to your clients can often mean that they tell their family and friends about you.

If you put together client appreciation baskets (often as a thank you for signing up or as a gift come Christmas), t-shirts are a fantastic addition that will be appreciated. Even if the client doesn’t wear the clothing themselves (it may not be their size or style), it’s likely that they’ll give it to a family member or friend who will wear it. This only increases your audience.

Whether you choose to use promotional t-shirts for employees, clients or prospective clients, they will always be a fantastic gift. They’re unlikely to be thrown away because they’re so useful and enduring. The best thing about these t-shirts is that they’re most likely to be worn during social settings, increasing the audience that will be exposed to them.