21 November 2018

How Printed T-Shirts Can Significantly Benefit Your Business

by Dave

From the smallest start-up to the largest international conglomerate, every business knows the power and importance of advertising. Despite that, it doesn’t have to be a costly venture, with thousands spent on television and advertising campaigns. Printed T-Shirts and personalised uniforms can be an excellent way to make an effective and lasting impression on the potential customers who are closest to your business, rather than advertise to people who live and work hundreds of kilometres from your office. Want to learn more? You’ve come to the right place.

  • Advertise Your Brand
    Tops and tees are one of the easiest items of clothing to turn into an advertising tool – simply choose a design that suits your needs and print your logo, contact details and business name onto them. Then, you’ll find yourself with printed t-shirts that turns the wearer into a walking, talking billboard for your brand! 
  • Huge Area for Printing 
    Wondering why you should invest in printed t-shirts rather than caps or pants, for example? The simple answer is that they offer a huge area of space for your logo and business name, both on the front and back of your top. This means your marketing message can be seen from a greater distance, exposing you to a larger number of people.
  • Employee Uniform
    Now that you know why they are the ideal choice, it’s time to decide who will be wearing them. By adding them to your employee uniform, you can lift your business to a new, more professional level. Your customers will know exactly who to talk to, you can take advantage of a more consistent look, and your staff will feel an increased sense of belonging.  
  • Perfect for Giveaways
    Your other option is to offer them as giveaways and handouts for new and existing customers. Whether you hand them out at tradeshows to passers-by or you include them in an end of year Christmas hamper for your top clients, this is a great way to increase brand awareness outside your business, and potentially bring in new customers at the same time. 
  • Perfect for Any Business
    Lastly, printed t-shirts are a great choice as they can be used by almost any business in any industry. From the local café to international tech retailer, you can choose a fabric and cut the complements your brand, and colours to suit your logo and other marketing material. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, Novel Tees can assist in choosing the perfect option for your company. 

Clearly, printed t-shirts are one of the most effective and versatile tools you can add to your marketing inventory, and are ideal for any business, big and small. Whether you’re looking for an addition to your employee uniform or you’re looking for something to hand out to potential customers, a well-designed tee can be the perfect way to advertise your brand and create general good-will with everyone who comes into contact with them. If you want to take your business to the next stage, contact Novel Tees – our range of tops is sure to have the perfect option for your brand.