Kids Cotton T- Shirts

Don’t forget about the kids when selecting garments for your marketing campaign! Novel Tees supplies a range of custom kid’s cotton t-shirts that are sure to get your brand noticed amongst the younger generation.

Think about it – providing that your printed kid’s cotton t-shirt has a cool design on the front or back (or both), children are going to wear it without complaint. This often proves to be a fantastic marketing medium, as people are always going to pay attention to kids and the awesome clothes their wearing.

Extensive Range

Choose from a wide range of branded kid’s cotton t-shirts – including long sleeve, crew neck, double sleeve, ¾ sleeve, raglan and puff sleeve – to ensure a perfect fit for your clientele (or their children). Infant and child sizes are available.


All of the t-shirts in our range are available in an array of colours, sizes and styles to ensure that the needs of your clientele (or their children) are met. Your logo or marketing message can then be printed onto the front or back.

Quality Materials

Our wholesale kid’s cotton t-shirts have been manufactured using only the highest quality materials on the market. Some of them are made from 100% cotton, whereas others are made from polyester and bamboo blends.


  • What sorts of functions are these shirts suitable for?
    We have found that kid’s t-shirts are suitable for a wide variety of applications, notably as uniforms (in both education facilities and sporting teams) and as branded merchandise (for toys, characters, children’s brands and attractions).